Let’s Party!

Now before you grab your party hats and horns, let me explain. Think about a recent party that you attended where everyone had a great time. What made it successful? What did the host do that made the event fun and exciting? I think there are several things that make a successful party.

A central purpose. People come together for a specific purpose – to have fun, learn something new, meet new people or just enjoy each other’s company. If everyone is able to achieve their goal, then everyone leaves happy and the party is a success.

A good host. The main job of the host is to plan the party, get people involved, keep things moving and at times even be a cheerleader. They have to be a great organizer and constantly on the move. A great host floats throughout the party making sure the needs of others are met.

The right mix of people. A place that is too small or too big can ruin a party and make it miserable for everyone. No one wants to keep bumping into people or have to shout across the room to get someone’s attention. The appropriate amount of space is critical. You also have to have the right mix of male and female to keep everything flowing, unless it is a party for the same gender.

Weeding out the bad eggs. Bad party goers can sour a party very quickly. These are the people that criticize everything or they may try to be the center of attention and wind up being overpowering. This type of behaviour becomes a distraction and may cause people to want to leave early rather than tolerate the person.

Now, apply the concept to your workplace. You will quickly see that these ideas can apply to your own job. You have a central purpose – to be the best, meet the needs of others, provide a specific service, etc. all while making a profit. To your customers, you are a host and it is your job to float, mingle and meet their needs. You have to keep the right mix of people working together– sales, finance, customer service, management, IT – so that you can continue to prosper and keep the party going. Sometimes you need to weed out the bad eggs – unfortunately, your business is not for everyone so sometimes you have to change personnel around to keep the party fresh and moving. Implementing all these concepts will help you to maintain a positive balance and be successful.

So, grab your party hat, confetti and noisemakers and the next time someone asks you where you work – tell them you work where the party never stops!

Author: Ken W

Operations management professional with 20+ years experience in building customer -focused, enthusiastic teams in nationally ranked businesses.

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